25 NFL Draft Props and Picks Available at Most Sportsbooks Now

The 2020 NFL Draft kicks off one week from Thursday on Thursday April 23rd live from, well, living rooms and home offices across America.  This will mark the first “real sporting event” for the US since the COVID-19 Pandemic has had most of the country on lock-down for well over a month.  It will also showcase what will be the first, and hopefully only, virtual NFL draft in league history, which is sure to look more like your yearly fantasy draft, rather than the glitz and glam of the normal product that we used to seeing from the Shield.

With that being, I don’t believe the alternate version of the product is taking much away from the fans’ excitement for the event.  The NFL has managed to stay front-and-center during the national quarantine, despite being the only major sports league that is not actually scheduled to be in-season at the current time; first with free agency and now the draft.

The fact that the draft is the only game in town is also getting the juices flowing for all of the action takers out there, more so than in a normal season.  Because of this, there are more props to on which to lay down than ever.  Below are 25 of the more common possible options that you should expect to see available at your book-of-choice, and my picks to go along with them.


1. Alabama Players Drafted Round One O/U 5.5 = Over (-110)

Total of 6: (Tua QB, Willis OT, Ruggs III WR, Jeudy WR, McKinney S, Diggs CB)


2. Big Ten Players Drafted Round One O/U 5.5 = Under (-115)

Total of 5 (Ohio State: Chase Young DE, Jeff Okudah CB; Iowa: Wirfs OT, Epenesa DE; Penn St: Gross-Matos DE)


3. Big 12 Players Drafts Round One O/U 3.5 + = Over (+120)

Total of 4 (OKlahoma: Lamb WR, Murray LB; Baylor: Mims WR; TCU: Gadney CB)


4. Clemson Players Drafted Round One O/U 1.5 = Over (-250)

Total of 3 (Simmons LB, Higgins WR, Terrell CB)


5. Georgia Players Drafted Round One O/U 1.5= Under (+160)

1 Player (Andrew Thomas OT)


6. LSU Players Drafted Round One O/U 5.5 = Under (-350)

Total of 5 (Burrow QB, Chaisson DE, Fulton CB, Jefferson WR, Queen LB)


7. 8. Ohio State Players Drafted Round One O/U 2.5 = Under (-550)

2 Players (Chase Young  DE, Jeff Okudah CB)


9. Total SEC Players Drafted Round One O/U 15.5 = Under (-105)

Total of 15 (Those listed above + Auburn: Derrick Brown DT; South Carolina: Kinlaw DT; Florida: CJ Henderson CB)


10. Total Pac12 Players Drafted Round One O/U 2.5 = Under (-200)

2 Players (Oregon: Herbert QB; Austin Jackson OT)


11. Total RB’s Drafted Round One O/U 1.5 = Under (-600)

None Drafted (Swift and Taylor to go Round 2)


12. Total WR’s Drafted Round One O/U 5.5 = Over (-250)

Total of 6 (Ruggs III, Jeudy, Lamb, Jefferson, Mims, and Higgins)


13. Total Defensive Backs Drafted Round One O/U 6.5 = Over (+140)

Total of 7 (Okudah, CJ Henderson, McKinney, Fulton, Diggs, AJ Terrell, Gadney)


14. Total Linebackers Drafted Round One O/U 3.5 =Under (-120)

Total of 3 (Simmons, Murray, Queen)


15. Total Defensive Players Drafted Round One O/U 15.5 = Over (+120)

Total of 16 (My prediction is an even split with the Offensive side of the ball.  See above players and positions.


16. Total Offensive Players Drafted Round One O/U 16.5 = Under (+120)

Total of 16 (As stated, even split with the D)


17. When will Tua be drafted? : Pick 3 (+200), Pick 5 (+200), Pick 6 (+300)

There a few things in play here.  The most critical being, will the Lions trade back, and, if they do, will it be with the Dolphins, to avoid the Chargers from trading up? Or will the Chargers leapfrog the Dolphins and trade with the Lions.  Either way, if a trade takes place, I believe that team will be targeting Tua.  There are also rumors that the Dolphins like Herbert and have been scouting him closely through his ’18 and ’19 campaign, but that may NFL (National Fake-you-out League) fodder to try to throw the Chargers off of the Tua scent.  I like a trade to happen and my money goes on Pick 3.


18. When will Chase Young be drafted? O/U Pick 2.5 = Under (-500)

There has been talk about the Redskins trading back, but Chase Young is just too good to pass on.  He is a real difference maker on the edge, and could be an anchor for years to come on a defensive that needs all the help they can get.


19. When will Jalen Hurst be drafted? = Round 2 (-140)

If you would have posed this question a week ago, I would have advised Round 3 with the favorable odds of +150, but the Hurst caravan is gaining momentum leading up to the draft, and all is takes is one team folks, to fall in love with this talented, high-character winner, whose skill set translates well to the NFL.  If you feel frisky, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to take a +500 flyer on him in Round 1.


20. Who will be the Second QB Drafted?: Tua (-120)

The odds on Tua and Herbert for this one are around equal at many books today, so there is not a pay off for going contrarian and picking Tua to fall behind Herbert.  Keep an eye on the line movement over the next week, but I don’t think there will be enough movement either way to not bet Tua.


21.  Who will be the Third QB taken?: Herbert (-150)

As opposed to the lines on the 2nd QB taken, there is odds gaps at most books on the 3rd QB. (I know, it doesn’t make too much sense to me either, as I think Tua and Herbert go 2 and 3.)  But I have seen plus odds on Tua (+105) to fall behind Herbert here.  If you believe the hype that the Dolphins are seriously concerned about Tua’s hip, and really like what they see in Herbert, you may want to go with the more favorable odds for Tua.I am sticking with Herbert.


22. Who will be the 3rd Overall Pick? Tua (+165)

Again, I like either the Chargers or Dolphins to move up and grab Tua, but if you don’t think that is a possibility and the Lions stay put, Detroit will draft Jeff Okudah (-125)


23.Who will be the 1st Running Back drafted? Jonathan Taylor (+130)

The sharp money may be on D’Andre Swift (-225,) but as mentioned above, all it takes is one team to believe that Jonathan Taylor is the right fit to be their foundation back, and the odds gap is too great between the two for me to pass on Taylor.


24. Who will be the First Wide Receiver drafted?:  Henry Ruggs III (+225)

I think Jerry Jeudy is the most polished and NFL-ready wide out entering the draft, followed closely by CeeDee Lamb, but the Raiders are most likely the first team who will be targeting WR.  And this is the Raiders folks, who have always been in love with speed and with going against the grain with their first round picks.  Why will they do it again? Beacause Ruggs is still a mid-first round talent capable of making the big play at the next level.


25. Who will be the first OL drafted?: Tristan Wirfts (-170)

In a talented OT class, Wirts still stands out above the three, Becton, Willis, and Andrew Thomas, who are all very close to one another and should all be off the board in the first eleven picks.  Wirfts is strong and quick, and I mean quick, not just for a big man, but quick as a human being.  He should go at pick 4 to the Giants.