Are you tired of Gambling in the Stock Market? Try Sports Forecasting

I have often heard that playing the market is just a different form of gambling, and in this uncertain economic time, unless you are a sharply informed expert who incessantly follows market news, you may just be gambling your money right out of your bank account. Can the same be said for sports gambling, or forecasting? In many cases yes, but there are ways to gain advantages in the sports forecasting market, just like in the stock market.

Did you know that in college football, a short underdog is more likely to cover the spread than the home team? Or, did you know that factors like wind, altitude, and time the game of the day all effect the outcome and over/ under determination in the score of an MLB game. Or, lastly did even know that you should be shopping lines and following spreads prior to placing any wager on any game?

These are all determining factors that generally do not impact the of decisions an average sports better prior to placing a bet. But what if you had insight into these nuances when places your bets? It would give you an advantage over the sportsbooks, just as having insider info about one company acquiring another or if a new technology was going to purchased from a small company for future use in a mass consumption electronic device, which would help you in the stock market.

If you choose in favor of sports forecasting over sports gambling, it is similar to utilizing the services of a trusted stockbroker or financial advisor. The sports forecaster, commonly referred to as a “sharp” studies trends and “fact lines” in sports wagering to make informed system-driven decisions on what to, when to, or sometimes even more importantly, when not to, bet. Sharps are not industry in this for just a good time and do not wager based on emotion or bias. They are in it to make money, plain and simple.

Now, I not suggesting that everyone quit their day jobs, ignore time with family, etc., to become a full-time sharp. What I would suggest is to align yourselves with a service that acts a trusted advisor, with your best interest in mind, and inform you on how to bet, as the sharp himself would bet.

At, we consider it our duty to responsibly to inform our members on best practices in sports forecasting. We teach you how to manage your bank roll, what factors to look for when placing a bet, and when to bet and when to lay off. We will also inform you on how we came to a decision on suggested plays, so that in the future you can continue to make more informed decisions. We offer All Star status membership, allowing you access to all our tools, and even offer MVP access which gives you personalized access to one-on-one advisory services with a professional forecaster. These are services that are available nowhere else in our industry.

We truly believe in what we do at Wager Fuel, and we want our membership community to be one of winners! So, come join our group, and find yourself on the winning side more often than not! Leave the gambling in stock market behind. Become a sports forecaster, not just a gambler!