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A Trip to the Disabled List

Early 2000’s, I was playing basketball and blew out my Achilles. Since it happened outside work, I only qualified for less than $175 a week for disability. I had a family to support and that wouldn’t work. I was on the DL. Around the same time I started playing with a young, cocky, bar-owner, bookie.… Continue Reading

Thank you, Roxy!

Roxy Roxborough is an American odds maker and sports betting icon. Look him up. Here’s my chance to finally say, “Thank you,” to him. Why you ask? It was called Sports Trax, an electric/battery portable device that looked like a transistor radio, with a huge antenna that transmitted live lines on its screen. I can’t… Continue Reading

Think you an OG? You Gotta Know Me.

Back in the 80’s before offshore, there were 2 ways to bet on sports, in Vegas or through an underground bookie. In my hometown and surrounding areas, I had a plethora of outlets. Landscapers, bar owners, prison guards, cops, lawyers and a host of others were all bookmakers. There were never any post up rules,… Continue Reading

How To Bet On Sports

Before we get started, we preach the following motto. Follow the 5 P’s in everything you do in life, especially in Sports Betting. “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. This will help you bet with your head and never over it. This lets you enjoy your sports betting experience and prevents you from crapping out to… Continue Reading

It’s a LOCK: Buyer Beware!!

It is the most common phrase used by many. I have a Lock or a sure bet. Believe me, this phrase does not exist. Here’s how I learned it the hard way. The year was 2004. UCF was playing a 7pm game at Buffalo. A childhood friend of mine was on the coaching staff at… Continue Reading

The Road Runner Motto: Honesty is the Best Policy

Sports books are as human as you and I are. We all make mistakes and errors in our lives. I was betting a local bookie who I trusted. We had a good business relationship. Remember that we can’t bet if there’s no good bookies out there who actually pay. Anyway, I was getting the Saturday… Continue Reading

Are you tired of Gambling in the Stock Market? Try Sports Forecasting

I have often heard that playing the market is just a different form of gambling, and in this uncertain economic time, unless you are a sharply informed expert who incessantly follows market news, you may just be gambling your money right out of your bank account. Can the same be said for sports gambling, or… Continue Reading

Online Sports Gaming: The Ultimate Social Distancing for Sports Enthusiasts

Greetings sports fans!  If you are anything like me, you feel deprived and a sense of longing for the days for sitting a few rows up on the first base line on a bright afternoon during a business-person’s special.  So, what are we to do when it does not appear that sports as we know… Continue Reading

OBJ or Jarvis Landry: Who to Draft in Fantasy 2020?

Odell Beckham has been a perennial top 10, if not top 3 or 5 WR pick in most fantasy drafts dating back to his second season in the league with the Giants in 2015.  Hell, I recall even choosing him as a keeper in a league over Davante Adams in 2018, (Big Mistake!)  As we… Continue Reading

25 NFL Draft Props and Picks Available at Most Sportsbooks Now

The 2020 NFL Draft kicks off one week from Thursday on Thursday April 23rd live from, well, living rooms and home offices across America.  This will mark the first "real sporting event" for the US since the COVID-19 Pandemic has had most of the country on lock-down for well over a month.  It will also… Continue Reading