It’s a LOCK: Buyer Beware!!

It is the most common phrase used by many. I have a Lock or a sure bet. Believe me, this phrase does not exist. Here’s how I learned it the hard way. The year was 2004. UCF was playing a 7pm game at Buffalo. A childhood friend of mine was on the coaching staff at UCF under the famous George O’Leary. I always said to him, if you ever see something that I can use to make money let me know. At 6:30 my cell phone rang. Low and behold it was Coach S. He says the wind on the field was out of control and both QB’s are awful.

Both our RB’s are not feeling well. Buffalo is 0-4 and cannot score points. He asked me the total for the game. It was 52. He says here’s your gift, bet the under. And I did. And so did many people I contacted. At 6:53 the total dropped to 50. A sure winner indeed. Halftime score Buffalo 41 – UCF 14. We are still friends, but it goes to show you, no one knows an outcome of a game, not even a coach.

So, its it amazing that we hear so many “industry experts” selling their “guaranteed” or “locked-in” picks, (in the industry we call them Touts?) Touts are those who blast from the rooftops to the unsuspecting, paying public. In many cases, their opinions are no more informed, and sometimes less informed than yours.

It is in your best interest to join a community of like-minded sports betting enthusiasts and learn how picks should be made and how to make them on your own. It’s true what they say folks, knowledge is power! Save your tout money for investing in informed bets, and seeing an actual profit on the other side. Become a MVP Member!

The Roadrunner