OBJ or Jarvis Landry: Who to Draft in Fantasy 2020?

Odell Beckham has been a perennial top 10, if not top 3 or 5 WR pick in most fantasy drafts dating back to his second season in the league with the Giants in 2015.  Hell, I recall even choosing him as a keeper in a league over Davante Adams in 2018, (Big Mistake!)  As we roll into 2020, he is no longer coveted as that top 10 guy, but he still going off the boards in league wide mock drafts around pick number 12, still making him some teams’ number one wideout chosen.

The question: Is the juice worth the squeeze?  To answer, let’s compare Beckham with his teammate in 2019 and again in 2020, Jarvis Landry.  (Unless of the course the rumors began by a NY radio host, not to be named, that Beckham is on the trading block, turn out to be true.  I ask you folks, what kind of world are we living in now that radio hosts feel its their job to report the news?  I digress…) There is no better variable against which to measure the draft stock of OBJ than with a receiver who went to same college, were in the same NFL Draft class, and who played in the same exact offense last year.  Landry is coming off the board around pick number 30 in mock drafts, but let’s compare the statistics of the two in 2019.

Beckham saw 133 targets for 74 reception for a catch rate of 56%.  He averaged 13.99 YPR for a total of 1035, but Beckham only scored 4 TD’s.  That’s good for 201.5 fantasy points in a PPR.  That would put him around WR 20 on my board.

In 2019, Jarvis Landry saw five more targets that Beckham, 138, and caught 83 balls for a catch rate of 60%.  He averaged right around the yards per catch with 14.14 for 1174 yds, and he had 6 TD’s.  His season total fantasy points in a PPR would tally up to 236.4, or more than 2 full points per week than Beckham!

If I showed you those stat lines blindly, which one would you think is deserving of a #12 pick, and which one possibly drops to 30?  As you can see, Landry is your better value, but I wouldn’t advise taking him as your number one WR.  He is a solid number two, and, as you can see from their numbers, that is the class to which Beckham should belong, as well.  Instead of choosing Beckham as your first wide receiver, do the research like I did here, and get good value for the price.  Remember, the names on the back of the jersey don’t get you a fantasy championship folks, but the points on the board do.