Online Sports Gaming: The Ultimate Social Distancing for Sports Enthusiasts

Greetings sports fans!  If you are anything like me, you feel deprived and a sense of longing for the days for sitting a few rows up on the first base line on a bright afternoon during a business-person’s special.  So, what are we to do when it does not appear that sports as we know it will no return to normal until sometime next year amidst the COVID-19 Crisis?

My answer is online Daily Fantasy Sports (dfs,) through the likes of companies such as Draft Kings, Fanduel, Yahoo Fantasy, Fanball, MonkeyKnifeFight, and others, and online Sports Gambling, in states that have legalized it.  In total, 17 states have either already have passed or will pass legislation in 2020 to legalize betting on sporting events.  To see the status of your state’s law’s, follow this link:

Many of us have found solace in playing along with the few lesser-known sports with leagues still in session, that can be done through remote play, or through some newer virtual platforms that have become more mainstream.  These include, but are not limited to Table Tennis, some international soccer leagues, some international baseball and hockey leagues, darts, snookers, eNascar iSeries (which I am watching right now and only care about because I am playing dfs eNascar on Draftkings,) esports, and NBA 2K.  Although they come nowhere near replacing the “real thing,” at the very least it is still competition, and we can still form dfs lineups for some and place wagers on most.

If you have not yet dipped your toe in the water of online sports gaming , fear not!  There is no need to feel intimidated or start out with a large bankroll, as dfs entry fee contest start as low $0.10 (and range up to $5000+,) on Fanduel and Draftkings, and they offer beginner only contests that allow you play against contestants with similar experience levels.  Most sportsbooks will accept wagers as low as one dollar, and all the way up to as much as you are pre-approved to wager.

We are beginning to see a light at the end tunnel, in my opinion., and soon the major sports will be back.  The UFC has rescheduled an event, that was originally to take place in April, for May 9th, and I do expect that event to take place.  The PGA has scheduled to resume its play in mid-June.  I think we are looking at the MLB restarting in July, and the NFL is poised to begin on time in September; (if any of the major sports leagues can make it happen, it’s the NFL!,) but if/when sports return in 2020, there will still be no fans in attendance.

You can still get in on the action though while safely social distancing by playing at home online.  So, whether you are a rookie player or a seasoned sports gaming veteran, now is a great time to start.  Caution: For all level player, please be careful and aware of the resources from which you are getting your “information” to make your fantasy and betting selections. There are tons of opinions and people offering advice who are looking to take your money and run, without even a hint of your best interests in mind.  Many self-proclaimed “experts” base their information from others third-hand, or from nothing concrete, and do not have the experience to advise anyone, or even themselves.

At 4for4 Fantasy and Sports Betting, we offer four levels of membership for fantasy and betting advice, Rookie, Veteran, All Star, and MVP.  Depending on your bankroll and the level of exposure that you would like to have to our in-house experts, visit and select the level of membership that is right for you.  We do not collect a commission and the select services are included with your membership.  Our team has a combined 47 years of combined fantasy and betting experience, and we want to ensure that you are getting solid info, making the most out of your bankroll, and gaming responsibly.  We want you to win with us, as there is plenty of money to go around!  Let the games begin!

Ryan Mansfield,