Thank you, Roxy!

Roxy Roxborough is an American odds maker and sports betting icon. Look him up. Here’s my chance to finally say, “Thank you,” to him. Why you ask?

It was called Sports Trax, an electric/battery portable device that looked like a transistor radio, with a huge antenna that transmitted live lines on its screen. I can’t remember the cost, maybe $49 a month. But boy did that work. I received real time odds faster than most bookies, who relied on some line service they would call every 10 minutes for updates or use the score phone from which some square bookie would get his info. I was middling and playing the order or steam games with ease. I earned great money with that unit and it was so simple and worth its weight in gold…times 10. The sports pagers came out, but the Trax beat them by at least three minutes to the move. What a state-of-the-art device it was for so little money!

Mr Roxborough, “You the Man”

The Roadrunner