The Road Runner Motto: Honesty is the Best Policy

Sports books are as human as you and I are. We all make mistakes and errors in our lives. I was betting a local bookie who I trusted. We had a good business relationship. Remember that we can’t bet if there’s no good bookies out there who actually pay. Anyway, I was getting the Saturday afternoon lines for college hoops. Pittsburgh was playing at Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons were a 7 point favorite. He quoted me that Pitt was the favorite at 7.

Wow, he had the wrong team favorite! I can jump on his mishap and really get a huge advantage.
But,I did the right thing. I told him about his error. He could not believe it! I saved him a bunch of money and a bunch of headaches. I ended up being Donnie’s customer until the day he passed. I also made a friend who always looked out for me and helped me get more bookies I can play. Honesty made me a friend but also someone who help me grow my betting business.

I have been in this business a long time, and I take my reputation as a gaming advisor very seriously. Once you have lost credibility and respect, it is impossible to regain. I take a lot of pride in the long-term relationships that I formed with clients and colleagues in my industry. I am proud to now be associated with my partners who share my same business ethics at, Fantasy and Sports Betting!

The Roadrunner